Furnishing fabrics manufacturers for the Home, Living and Catering Industries

CARTEX works together with highly qualified partners in yarns refining: we are at the forefront of technology, early pioneers in the adoption of the latest discovery in nanotechnology.

High tech fabrics, with the Italian sign of excellence

We proudly carry the heritage of the true Italian manufacturing tradition, while adopting the latest discoveries in nanotechnology in order to obtain stainless, non-toxic fabrics which maintain the natural characteristics of the fiber. The process is highly technological and permanent.

Fabrics produced using nanotechnology are antistatic, wash and shrink-proof.

Fast sampling, timely deliveries

Our Jacquard fabric manufacturing is capable of combining the performance of a long run production facility with the needs of a fast prototyping and sampling response: these qualities allow us to deliver furnishing fabrics that match (and, most of the times, exceed) the Clients expectectations.

Thanks to the qualified work of our Style Department we can literally guide you to the right direction in developing a successful project, either for what concerns the choice of materials and for the sake of aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

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Have a look at our weaving facilities, comprising a total of 16 high tech loom (10 of which are Jacquard-type) and at the deliveries depot and warehouse.


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